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As a web designer and marketing professional, we know that people are inherently lazy when it comes to finding what they want. Our job is to make it simple. To ensure that Villari, Brandes, & Giannone turns as many visitors as possible into leads, we designed a website that had simple call to action buttons in the top fold, along with a prominent pop-up on the bottom requesting visitor information.

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A responsive web design is one that conforms to screens and devices of all sizes. When this website is opened up in an internet browser on a computer, you can take the mouse on the bottom corner, click, and drag it up and down and watch how the website changes in size to conform with the browser window. This web design ensures that all of the visitors to the site get a great user experience.

Mobile Friendly

A vast majority of individuals seeking to hire a lawyer go online to begin their search, and often times the device they use to do so is their cell phone. Knowing this, we designed this website to be extremely mobile friendly. What does that mean for this site? It means easy navigation on the phone, simple to press buttons, and quick access to contact information.

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