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Getting Started with Janis Marketing

  • What is the cost of a new website?

    The cost of a new website is determined by several factors. All of the web design projects we do are on a flat-fee basis, rather then at an hourly charge. The fee quoted will depend upon the size and scope of the website needed, along with whether an e-commerce platform is needed.

  • What is included with the cost of the website?

    At Janis Marketing, we do not nickel and dime our clients. Every website project includes up to 100 pages of content with copywriting, logo design, social media integration, web hosting, images, video, contact forms, and blog implementation.

  • How does the fee get paid?

    Janis Marketing requires 50% of the quoted fee to be paid at the time of engagement of our services, with the balance due upon client approval of the fully developed site, prior to the website going live Payment can be made by credit card, cash, or check.

  • What else has to be done to get started?

    Prior to engagement of our services, Janis Marketing will provide each client with a written proposal for the project detailing the total cost, included services, and a proposed timeline. This proposal needs to be executed by the client and returned to us along with payment of the deposit. A client intake form will be provided at this time requesting information pertaining to your business and website, and in there a request will be made for any existing logo designs, image files, video files, and written content.

  • Do you provide the domain name and hosting for the site?

    We include domain name acquisition and 12 months of professional web hosting with all web design projects. There is no extra charged for it. If you already have a web hosting plan, we will first develop the website on our host, and will then relocate it over to your account, if that is what you prefer.  If you do not have a web hosting plan, we will create one for you.  We use, and recommend, either Bluehost or WpEngine for hosting, but are certainly open to suggestions if you have a different preference.


Design & Development Phase

  • What is my involvement with the look of my site?

    You can be as involved in the design process as little, or as much, as you’d like. The first step of every project is coming up with an initial design concept. After getting your input (if you have any) we begin the process of generating an initial design for the homepage. Once we come up with that design, we will create a dummy website (yoursite.janismarketing.com) on which we place this design for your review. We will provide you the link so you can view it, after which time we will engage in a discussion about the look. Once everyone is satisfied with the design concept, we proceed with full development of the site.

  • What platform is the website developed on?

    We use the WordPress platform for all business websites. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform, and we find it the most powerful, secure, and user-friendly. If you prefer to not have your website on WordPress, we are certainly open to having a discussion as to the reasons why, and how we can accommodate your concerns.

  • Do I have to provide the content for my website?

    You certainly can, but it is not necessary. Janis Marketing will provide all of the content for your website, and will handle all of the copywriting. With that being said, many professionals, especially attorneys, prefer to do their own copywriting for certain topic areas and provide it to us to use on the site. This is not a requirement, and we are fully capable and experienced with handling copywriting for all types of businesses.

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