Where Are My Google Reviews?

A couple weeks ago I had some clients leaving new reviews, which I was very excited about, but they never came through. I have had people in the past say “Oh yeah, I left you a review” and they never actually did, but I know these people did. They weren’t showing up on Google My Business. Clearly something happened on Google’s side to make them not appear.

I did more digging to find out that Google TURNED OFF REVIEWS on March 20, 2020. I’m not sure exactly why, but like many businesses people had to adjust to COVID-19 and work from home scenarios, and it sounds like Google didn’t have the typical processes in place to monitor their GMB reviews. We later found out that Google Reviews were turned back on for some businesses on April 9, 2020 but that was only for some restaurants and grocery stores.

So where are my reviews?

Great question. Google Review Purgatory is my guess. When Google gets this flushed out it sounds like they will appear and you will see your normal notifications as if they just happened; however we have no idea when that will be. Google would NEVER lose information or data, so they’re safe… I wouldn’t ask for new reviews though until this is cleaned up and they are performing like they should.